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A soaring success with the right business idea

Finding the right business idea
Finding the right business idea
Translating a business idea into a successful enterprise is a huge challenge. The following tips shall help you come up with a business idea, that lays the foundation stone for a successful business model.

Tip 1: Involve your customers

As passionate as you are about your business idea, if your solution doesn’t impress your customers too, your idea is unfortunately doomed to fail from the word go. It is therefore crucial to involve your customers when you start developing a business idea. Ask your customers and users for feedback and adapt your solution step by step. This is a sure-fire formula for a valuable outcome.

Tip 2: Creative process methods

Do you have an approximate concept, but your business idea is still not fully developed? The following creative methods will help you to come up with ideas.

Brainstorming und mind mapping

Generate countless creative solutions with brainstorming and mind mapping. Include customers in the creative process: How do they currently solve problems and what difficulties do they have? What do your customers expect in general?

Copy Cat

Do you incorporate business ideas from other industries into your creative process? After all, very few business models are completely new innovations. It's not about copying business models from other industries one for one, but using them as a source of inspiration for fresh ideas. What works well in other markets and what does not? Which business models might also gain a foothold in your industry?

Discover a gap in the market

Blue ocean strategy is about developing previously uncharted business areas. This approach entails creating an entirely new market and focussing on latent customer needs. Use a positioning matrix or a value curve. This will give you a clear picture of your market and your competitors.

Insurance for start-ups

Protect yourself and your business partners against potential risks. Helvetia offers young business owners a 50% discount on different types of insurance.

Tip 3: Plan enough time for the creative process

At the beginning of the process, it is essential to give free rein to exploring a wide range of creative solutions. Do not get absorbed by the first idea that seems promising. The development of promising creative business ideas takes time. In a second step, you can flesh out any ideas that show potential and assess their plausibility.