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Formulate your business model

You have the business idea – now you need to develop a solid business model. The business model canvas can help.

How to develop business models

Do you already have a business idea that you are truly convinced of? Then you have already overcome the first hurdle. Now it’s time for the next major step: transforming the business idea into a viable business model. This is the only way to see whether your solution can survive in the market. A suitable tool here in an initial phase is the business model canvas. The model is limited to nine key business drivers.

The business model canvas

Advantages of the business model canvas

The business model canvas has gained traction in recent years as a business-modelling tool and the scope of use has continuously expanded. Numerous company founders, innovators and experts have been convinced by its simplicity and clarity. The canvas visualizes and combines the nine key factors of a business model. As a young entrepreneur, you remain focused on the key drivers of a business and can analyse your business model thoroughly and optimize it continually. This is what makes the business model canvas the ultimate test of the business idea.

Insurance for start-ups

Protect yourself and your business partners against potential risks. Helvetia offers young business owners a 50% discount on different types of insurance.