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Business travel insurance


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Business travel insurance: protection for employers and employees

Comprehensive protection – at home in Switzerland and worldwide: travel insurance provides financial peace of mind for companies. Immediate assistance is provided worldwide in the event of last-minute changes to bookings, cancellations or if the company car breaks down.

Helvetia’s services at a glance

  • Insurance protection for business trips
  • 24-hour SOS hotline
  • Insurance protection for rental and company vehicles
  • Support in the event of account and mobile phone misuse
  • Fast and reliable claims handling

Why is business travel insurance advisable?

If employees are unable to make a business trip due to illness or an emergency, the company takes a big financial hit. Business travel insurance offers employers protection against financial losses and supports employees while travelling.

A brief guide to Assistance

What costs does cancellation insurance cover?

Cancellation costs before the business trip

  • Costs due to cancelling or delaying a business trip
  • Reimbursement of services not used due to delayed start to the trip
  • Ticket costs for attending events

Personal assistance during the business trip (including commuting)

  • Costs of searching for persons, rescue and recovery
  • Costs of transport to hospital and repatriation
  • Advance of costs for medical assistance and vital medicines abroad
  • Costs of trip to visit a hospital inpatient abroad
  • Costs of repatriation of the deceased person and funeral costs at the place of residence
  • Shipping costs for sending on vital medicines
  • Additional costs of accommodation and food
  • Additional transport costs for the return journey or continuation of the business trip
  • Additional expenditures for dispatching a replacement employee
  • Necessary follow-up costs

Vehicle assistance for company cars and rental vehicles

  • Costs of assistance in the event of a breakdown or accident, such as recovery, towing and storage charges
  • Costs of the journey to the vehicle's location, if made independently, and costs of rental cars
  • Additional costs of food and accommodation during repair
  • Additional transport costs for the return journey or continuation of the business trip
  • Repair and replacement costs included in the rental insurance deductible and costs not paid by the insurance for the rental car

The insurance also covers

  • Luggage in the event of loss or damage
  • Costs of improper use of accounts or mobile phones by third parties

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Which other products complement travel insurance?

Wie lässt sich die Reiseversicherung sinnvoll kombinieren?For total insurance protection, the business insurance package for SMEs combines various products in a single policy:

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