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Property valuation

Do you know the value of your property? Get a free online valuation and see how the value has changed over the past few years.


Protect your home.

What insurance arrangements make sense for your home? Is the solar installation on the roof properly insured? We help you find suitable protection for your home.

What does it cost to maintain your home?

When it comes to your personal assets, a financial roadmap is essential. But what about preserving the value of your property? With a few details, our renovation calculator will tell you when renovations make sense, and how much money you should put aside for them.


Finding verified tradespeople

It's not always easy to find the right tradesperson in your area. We can help quickly and unbureaucratically with a recommendation from our quality-checked network.

Give your home a new look.

With our partner KAQTU, it's easy to revamp your own four walls in simple steps. You decide whether you want to design the interior yourself or rely on experienced professionals – and also benefit from Helvetia's special conditions.
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Create your personal real estate dashboard now.

Obtain useful information regarding your property:

  • Track the value of your property.
  • Historical selling prices in your neighbourhood.
  • Construction projects in the area.
  • Analysis of current condition of your home and renovation planning.
  • Potential buyers for your property.

Personal & digital. Comprehensive advice on your home.

Our experts can advise you on all financial matters associated with searching for, buying, owning and selling a home. They also keep an eye on insurance and pensions.