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Clara, Helvetia’s digital assistant, is trying out the ChatGPT technology from OpenAI and combining it with everything she knows about insurance. Anyone who has a question about insurance, pensions and home ownership is welcome to use this new service. Why not try it out for yourself and ask Clara a question?
See Clara and ChatGPT at work in a live experiment
ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence tool that digests massive volumes of text data and can then use this as a basis for answering questions. Helvetia is the first listed insurance company in the world to use this technology from OpenAI as part of a live experiment. Clara draws on the content of our website. Please note that this very new type of service is still prone to error, which means that the statements Clara makes are not binding.
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Recommendations on using Clara with ChatGPT technology

  • Clara gives you the best answers when you ask simple questions.
  • Her strong points are answers regarding insurance, pensions and home ownership.
  • Clara keeps the context from the first question in mind when answering further questions.
  • If you want to change context, we recommend that you close your browser and call up the page again.
  • Clara’s statements can sometimes be incorrect. Consequently, the answers she gives with the help of OpenAI’s ChatGPT are not legally binding. This means no warranty is given or liability assumed as to the accuracy, completeness or currency of the information provided.
  • Use of Clara is at the user’s own risk. If the topics you need help with relate to individual or person-specific issues such as insurance benefits or cover, we recommend you contact Helvetia or our agencies directly.
New and unique. Test Clara with ChatGPT technology.

Our chatbot will answer your questions on insurance, pensions and home ownership using ChatGPT. Why not try it out for yourself and chat with Clara now?

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