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How much do you know about Easter?

Crafts, baking, decorating and egg painting. No doubt you're now in the final stages of your preparations for Easter. But how much do you know about Easter traditions, eggs, bunnies and chocolate? Put your knowledge to the test here in our Easter Quiz.

9 april 2020, text: Team Blog-Stories, photo: Unsplash

A girl dressed as a rabbit with a basket of Easter eggs.

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On Easter Sunday, the Pope gives an "urbi et orbi" address and blessing in Rome. What does this term mean?
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Easter weekend falls at different times each year. The dates depend on ...
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Which of the following is a genuine Easter tradition?
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What meal is usually eaten by traditional Catholics on Easter Sunday?
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Why do we have eggs at Easter?
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On average, how many eggs does a Swiss person eat per year?
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How many chocolate bunnies are produced in Switzerland each year?
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Nature doesn't just produce brown and white eggs. Another natural egg colour is...
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In centuries gone by, who used to deliver the Easter eggs in Switzerland?
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Which of the following is the most expensive Easter egg ever to be auctioned?
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