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Photovoltaics insurance

Photovoltaics insurance
Photovoltaics insurance

Environmentally friendly electricity generation with a photovoltaic power system is a perfect ecological and economic investment. Protect your power system with photovoltaic insurance from Helvetia.

  • Immediate insurance coverage as soon as the system is activated
  • Loss of income from the first moment insured
  • Builder’s liability insurance as an optional extra
  • System’s liability insurance at very favourable conditions as an optional extra

Overview of photovoltaics insurance

The photovoltaics insurance offers comprehensive insurance protection and covers the biggest risks in case of a claim. Helvetia refunds the cost of the replacement of the affected items in the condition they were in directly before the damaging incident.

A brief guide to photovoltaics insurance

Included in the cover is the entire photovoltaic system including cabling and inverter. The insurance covers unforeseen damages that occur suddenly (including loss of income), particularly as a consequence of:

Operating risks

  • Excess voltage, short-circuit, induction
  • The effects of water and moisture
  • Operating errors, ineptitude, negligence, vandalism, sabotage
  • Faulty design or materials and manufacturing defects
  • Breakdown of measuring, control or security equipment
  • Temperature exposure, scorching and freezing
  • Animal bite damage

Fire risks

  • Fire, smoke, lightning, explosion

Risks from natural forces

  • High water, flooding, storms, hail
  • Avalanche, snow pressure, rockslide, rock fall, landslide

Natural forces and fire risks can only be insured by Helvetia if these are not insured via cantonal buildings insurance.

Theft risks

  • Burglary, theft, robbery

Loss of income

  • Outages resulting from insured operating risks or those relating to fire, natural forces and theft.


In addition, the photovoltaics insurance covers the disassembly and reassembly costs of your photovoltaic system as a result of sudden and unforeseen damage occurring to the roof.

Also insured are damages to the area used by the system resulting from the operation or maintenance of the photovoltaic system.

Further questions about photovoltaics insurance

Distinction from the cantonal buildings insurance

Sometimes the risks from fire and natural forces can/must be insured by the relevant cantonal buildings insurance. You will need to enquire about this directly with the buildings insurance providers.

The Helvetia photovoltaics insurance provides much greater cover though. With our solution, operating risks, theft risk, loss of use and disassembly and reassembly in the event of roof damage are insured in addition. What’s more, we also pay out for covered events involving fire and natural forces where the buildings insurance rejects the damages.

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Calculate the premium for your photovoltaic power system online and protect your investment today.

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