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Which types of insurance are compulsory in Switzerland?

Different countries – different insurance? Helvetia explains what insurance is compulsory in Switzerland and what is optional but strongly recommended.

Compulsory insurance

Car insurance

In Switzerland, vehicle liability insurance is compulsory for all vehicle keepers. To register a vehicle in Switzerland you need a vehicle insurance certificate from a Swiss insurance company. Vehicle liability insurance covers damage you cause with your vehicle to vehicles belonging to third parties, to other people or to their property. For all-round protection it is worth taking out a partially or fully comprehensive policy to provide additional cover. This also applies to motorcyclists.

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Health insurance

Health insurance is a legal requirement in Switzerland. If you have just moved to Switzerland you have three months to register with a health insurance company. Health insurance covers the costs of consultations with doctors, medication and hospital visits.

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Accident insurance

If you work in Switzerland, you are usually covered by your employer's insurance for occupational and non-occupational accidents. If you work less than eight hours a week, you will have to incorporate accident insurance into your compulsory health insurance policy.

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Optional insurance that all Swiss citizens should have

Private liability insurance

Private liability insurance is not compulsory, but in Switzerland it is one of the most important types of insurance cover to have in place. Private liability insurance covers you for any damage you cause to other people or their property.

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Household contents insurance

Household contents insurance is also not compulsory in Switzerland, but is strongly recommended. It covers your belongings against theft and damage, for example due to water, fire or burglary.

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Buildings insurance

Buildings insurance is compulsory for property owners in most cantons and must be taken out via the canton. However, this insurance does not provide cover for all types of damage, so it is worth taking out additional buildings insurance privately.

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