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Rental Guarantee Insurance

Security deposit
Security deposit

Retain your financial freedom when you move house. Helvetia rental guarantee insurance means you can also purchase new furniture for your new apartment.

  • Low-cost rental guarantee insurance for the Swiss market
  • No additional fees
  • Financial flexibility for necessary purchases
  • Can be cancelled at any time

Overview of security deposit

Rental guarantee insurance is a good alternative to a conventional rental deposit at a bank. Retain the flexibility for important purchases and do not tie all your money up in a blocked account. With Helvetia’s attractive rental guarantee insurance you retain your financial flexibility and independence.

A brief guide to rental guarantee insurance

The rental guarantee insurance is not an insurance in the traditional sense. In contrast to a typical cover, we do not bear the costs ourselves, but rather claim them back from you. This applies both, in cases of unpaid monthly rent as well as in the case of a claim in which the landlord can demand the amount set out in the surety certificate from Helvetia.

Damage caused by tenants – i.e. damage that you as the tenant cause to the rental property – can be covered by a private liability insurance policy. This covers the bulk of the costs. We would be happy to supply you with a quotation for this.

How does a rental guarantee insurance work?

Calculate premium now

Calculate the premium for your rental guarantee insurance online and conclude it directly.

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