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Rental Guarantee Insurance

Security deposit
Security deposit

Retain your financial flexibility when you move to a new home: Rental Guarantee Insurance from Helvetia replaces your deposit and ensures that your budget still allows you to buy new furniture.

  • Low-cost rental guarantee insurance for the Swiss market
  • Guarantee in respect of the landlord for the agreed deposit sum
  • Same security as with a bank deposit
  • Can be cancelled at any time

Why is a rental guarantee insurance useful?

If you as a tenant pay a security deposit into a conventional rental deposit account you can no longer access the money for the entire duration of the rental contract. As the security deposit is quite a large sum – usually several monthly rents – this can create a financial gap. You may then not have enough money for necessary purchases. With rental guarantee insurance you can avoid paying a deposit and use your savings flexibly in other ways.

A brief guide to rental guarantee insurance

What is insured?

Rental guarantee insurance is not insurance in the traditional sense – it is a guarantee from Helvetia in respect of the landlord. The landlord receives a guarantee certificate. If any payments have to be made to the landlord at the end of the rental period which you cannot make immediately, Helvetia will advance you the money. Helvetia will then request the money back from you at a later date.

How long does the insurance run?

The insurance is taken out for a year. It is then extended automatically for a further year. There is no period of notice. In the event that notice is given in the first insurance year, you will be billed for the entire annual premium. As of the second insurance year you will be reimbursed for the premium paid in advance on a pro rata basis. In order to terminate the rental guarantee insurance you need confirmation of termination by the landlord or property manager or the original certificate must be returned. The insurance cannot be cancelled without these documents.  

Further questions about rental garantee
How does a rental guarantee insurance work?

Calculate premium now

Calculate the premium for your rental guarantee insurance online and conclude it directly.

Move in with complete security: security deposit and private liability

As rental guarantee insurance is not a classic form of insurance it does not cover damage. If you wish to protect yourself against any damage you may cause to the property as a tenant, then take out private liability insurance – which will bear the lion’s share of the costs.

Learn more about private liability
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