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Pension fund – pension or capital

pension fund
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pension fund
pension fund
Shortly before retirement, many are faced with the following question: Should I draw my retirement savings from the pension fund as a pension or as capital? Or is a mixture the right solution for me? Helvetia points out the advantages and disadvantages for you.

Carry out various simple and straightforward pension analyses online.

2nd pillar – occupational benefit scheme

The pensions system in Switzerland is based on the 3-pillar model. The pension fund forms the 2nd pillar of pensions provision and is mandatory. All those in gainful employment with an annual income of CHF 21,330 or more are generally insured through their employer.

From the age of 25, in addition to death and disability, a retirement pension is also covered. The aim of the 2nd pillar is to maintain the usual standard of living for the insured and his/her relatives.

More information can be found at www.bsv.admin.ch

To draw retirement savings from the pension fund as a pension or as capital?

After you retire you have three options for drawing benefits from the pension fund: As a monthly pension, as a one-off capital withdrawal or as a mixture of the two. The decision may differ, depending on your aims and wishes.

A safe, trusted solution One-off reduced tax rate, separate from other income
Guaranteed pension for life Assets can be disposed of flexibly, return in accordance with investment strategy
Conversion rate for the statutory portion 6.8% (further reductions are to be expected)
100% asset protection for descendants
  Pension guarantee possible
Pension 100% taxable as income
Own responsibility for capital investments

40% pension loss for life partner

80% loss for children up to age 18

100% loss for all other heirs

Recommended only after an individual consultation
No inflation adjustment as a rule Investment costs for asset management

Pension advice brings clarity

Get individual advice from one of Helvetia’s experts about the extent to which drawing a pension, withdrawing capital or “splitting”, a mixture of the two, may be a sensible solution. In addition to your personal family circumstances and your plans for retirement, they will also discuss tax and mortgage considerations.

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