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Retirement provision

Retirement provision
Retirement provision
Retirement provision
Maintain your accustomed standard of living even after you retire. Start planning for retirement early and stay financially independent. Helvetia is there to help you.

Pension planning with Helvetia – an ongoing consultation process

A lot of questions arise as you approach retirement.

  • How high will my OASI pension be?
  • Should I draw the retirement assets in my occupational pension fund as a pension or lump sum?
  • Am I in a financial position to retire early?

Our certified pension planners will discuss your current pension situation with you and explain the opportunities and risks of the different options for financing your retirement. Helvetia takes your personal wishes into account to work out a financing plan with you.

The Swiss pension system

Pension advice

However you want to approach your personal pension plan or your savings goals, Helvetia will be happy to help you.

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