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What types of life insurance are there?

Types of life insurance
Types of life insurance
Private pension provision can take as many different forms as your varying needs and objectives. Helvetia will help you to find the right life insurance for you.

The different types of life insurance

Term life insurance

With a term life insurance policy you can protect yourself in case of your death or disability. You pay a regular premium but you do not accumulate any capital. The contractually guaranteed sum is only paid out if the insured risk occurs.

In the event of your death the agreed sum is paid out to your surviving relatives. Should you become unable to work, you receive regular pension payments. The size of the pension depends on the degree of your disability.

The premiums for purely term life insurance policies are relatively low, as no capital is accumulated.

Classic endowment insurance

With an endowment insurance policy, it is your intention to save capital. You can save with regular payments or a single one-off payment – be it for your retirement or for a different savings objective. At the same time you are also covered against financial risks that may pose a threat to your livelihood.

The money is paid out to you after the agreed contract term. This amount is made up of the guaranteed sum insured plus any policyholder dividends.

Unit-linked and index-linked life insurance

With this form of life insurance you invest your money in selected funds or you participate directly in market performance via an index. Here too, you can invest regular amounts or make a one-off payment. The yield depends on the performance of the fund or the index. You can benefit from good profit opportunities when the market is buoyant. At the same time, however, you also have to take into account fluctuations in the performance of your savings. With unit-linked and index-linked life insurance policies, in most cases you don’t know exactly how much you will receive as a payout in the end. In some cases, however, minimum maturity payments may also be guaranteed. Similarly, with unit-linked and index-linked life insurance policies you are simultaneously covered against financial risks that may pose a threat to your livelihood.

What is an endowment life insurance policy?

There is a fundamental difference between pure term life insurance, to cover financial risks that may pose a threat to your livelihood, and endowment life insurance. With an endowment life insurance policy you also accumulate capital, thus saving for the future at the same time. Endowment life insurance policies differ in the way capital is accumulated – either in the classic form with guaranteed interest payments or in their market-dependent version by means of investment funds or index-linking.

Do you intend to take out a life insurance policy under pillar 3a or 3b?

With a restricted life insurance policy under pillar 3a, you have the advantage that you can save on taxes every year. The capital that is paid out at the end can also be taxed at a reduced tax rate. With an unrestricted life insurance policy under column 3b, the tax advantages are slightly lower over the term of the contract. In return, you can customize your pension solution more individually and generally receive the capital tax-free on payout. 

More information on the differences between pillar 3a and pillar 3b

Pension advice

What type of life insurance is right for you? Helvetia will be happy to help you with an individual consultation.

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