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Pension Check: insured all round?

The pension check will give you an initial indication of your personal pension situation. Before making specific decisions, we recommend obtaining professional advice tailored towards your individual needs.

The calculations made by the pension check are based on the assumption that the contributions to OASI/DI have been paid in full and the maximum possible pension will be received. The legal minimum is assumed for the occupational benefit scheme. Please note that pension plans that are already being drawn on, as well as other benefits that go beyond the legal minimum, are not taken into consideration.


The example calculations of the online pension check are based on the parameters given by you, on the one hand, and assumptions and guideline values on the other. Parameters not taken into consideration by our model can change the result. No guarantee is given for the information provided.

The information provided by you will only be used for completing the calculation of this online pension check via the calculator application. It will be neither stored nor used for other purposes. The legal information provided at applies.

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