Helvetia Versicherungscheck
5min to see your results

Do you have the right insurance? Find out now.

Life situations can change – and so can insurance needs. Which insurance is currently important for you? With the check you can obtain a proposal – quickly and easily – that suits your needs.

The check is this simple:

Answer seven questions about your life situation
Determine your insurance and pension needs immediately
You decide about the next steps

Is the insurance check the right thing for you?

The insurance check provides you with a personal needs analysis that proposes precisely the insurance you need in your current life situation.

Yes, if...

… you haven't checked your insurance for a long time.

… something has recently changed or will soon change in your life situation.

… you are uncertain as to whether you are adequately insured.

… you don't have much time but want to know if you are over- or under-insured.

… you simply want to see what your current insurance situation is.

No, if...

… you have recently checked your insurance with an expert.

… you are still under-age and living in your parents' home.

Do you have the right insurance? Find out now, the simple way.

What insurance tells you honestly which products you need and which you don't? With the insurance check you can get an in-depth analysis of your personal needs in just 5 minutes. Simple and uncomplicated.