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Helvetia Wohnwagenversicherung

Insurance for caravans and motorhomes

Holiday time at last! Get behind the wheel of your campervan and you’re all set to go. As long as you’ve got motorhome or caravan insurance even a breakdown won’t spoil your holiday mood.

Who would benefit from motorhome or caravan insurance?

This insurance is suitable for owners of motorhomes or caravans. If you have only rented your campervan, you need a policy for rental vehicles.

Why is insurance for caravans and motorhomes necessary?

Have you ever taken your motorhome to a motorway service area and brushed against the car next to you in the car park leaving a nasty scratch? This is exactly the type of incident owners of caravans or motorhomes need liability insurance for. Liability insurance is compulsory for campervans just as for any other type of motor vehicle. Liability insurance gives you financial protection if you damage another vehicle or property with your caravan or motorhome or if a third party is injured.

Partially or fully comprehensive insurance?

Just as with your motor insurance, you can take out partially or fully comprehensive insurance for your campervan to cover you against damage to your own vehicle.

Partially comprehensive insurance

Partially comprehensive insurance will cover your caravan for such risks as theft, floods, accidents involving wild animals and storm or hail damage. In short, partially comprehensive insurance includes cover for all damage not caused either by yourself or by another road user.

Fully comprehensive insurance

Fully comprehensive insurance protects your motorhome even in the event of damage you cause yourself. For example, if you’re reversing into a parking space and you don’t notice a wall until its too late, you will only be covered if you have fully comprehensive insurance. Needless to say, comprehensive insurance also includes all the benefits of partially comprehensive insurance.

Assistance breakdown service

Even the best of holidays come to an end eventually. All the more vexing to set off from the campsite and before long find you have a flat tyre. In cases like this, it’s worth having Assistance breakdown insurance. You can take out this supplementary insurance for vehicles with a total weight of up to 3.5 tonnes. Assistance covers you for the cost of breakdown assistance and towing. In addition, it includes legal expenses insurance for motorists. Helvetia also covers the cost of a hire car, travel by public transport or overnight accommodation costs and recovery costs for the broken-down vehicle.

Accident insurance for all passengers

Even the most experienced drivers can sometimes misjudge a bend. Helvetia therefore assists you if you or your passengers are injured in an accident with your caravan or motorhome. At least with our supplementary passenger accident insurance you don’t need to worry about the financial consequences. Among other things, Helvetia also covers rescue and medical expenses.

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