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Portrait Margo McClimans

At home in Zurich as an expat

The name says it all: Margo McClimans travels around the world for the company she founded, “Coaching Without Borders”. In this video portrait, she talks about why Zurich is her ideal home base and how Helvetia helped her to quickly get on track in her new country’s insurance landscape.

Margo McClimans’ enthusiasm for her work knows no borders. After having lived in six different countries on three continents, the Ohio-born American-Italian with dual citizenship now manages her company, Coaching Without Borders, from Zurich. "I advise and coach international executives and help them to further develop their inter-cultural leadership skills and hone their personalities," says McClimans of her work as a leadership development trainer. She also appears as a speaker at management conferences and gives guest lectures at universities. In the course of her career, she has already worked with more than 2,000 executives from more than 60 different countries. Despite the fact that she travels often, she has come to feel at home in Zurich. She recently moved to the city with her Swiss life partner. The couple is now expecting their first baby.

A smooth start thanks to specialist advisors

Which insurance options are mandatory for newcomers to Switzerland, and which are voluntary? Which are important to have immediately after arriving, and which should be arranged later? With 25 specialised insurance and pension advisors throughout Switzerland, Helvetia offers advice that is tailored to the needs of newcomers (link to: Alongside extensive knowledge of the insurance landscape, these advisors also have foreign-language and intercultural expertise. Marcus Vinti is one of them. He has been advising Margo McClimans since her first days in Switzerland. From his own experience of living abroad for more than ten years, Marcus Vinti knows exactly what it takes to provide individual insurance advice for newcomers. He likes to share what he’s learned – and not only in regards to insurance: "What I like most of all is to exchange experiences that I personally encountered as an expat. Whether it be restaurants in San Francisco, business etiquette in Russia or rugby games in London."

Further information:

Helvetia offers a special Welcome Package for newcomers. It can be quickly and conveniently booked online and covers basic insurance needs for a period of 90 days. More info at

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