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Helvetia considers well-trained, committed and well-informed employees to be the most important factor in its success. It attaches great importance to personal examples, cooperation in a spirit of partnership, and willingness to actively engage in implementing change. Helvetia's employees are highly motivated and committed to achieving the company goals. At Helvetia, equal opportunities are very important.

1 / 2 The increase in employees compared to the previous year was due to the acquisitions of Nationale Suisse Group (1) and Basler Austria (2).
3 Definition of key figures comply with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and include all employees (permanent and temporary). The employees in training were not included but disclosed in a separate figure.

The definition was revised so that the number of FTEs for the previous year (including employees in training) was about 90 FTEs less the figures published for 2013.

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