The reinsurance business of Helvetia Group, which comprises the two profit centres Assumed Reinsurance and Group Reinsurance, is managed from the head office in St.Gallen.

For more than 140 years Helvetia has maintained a small but successful reinsurance portfolio and thus counts amongst the oldest reinsurers in Europe. The insurance carrier is Helvetia Insurance. While the reinsurance activities focused on fire back-to-back transactions until the mid-1990s, the reinsurance book has since developed into a diversified portfolio of contracts originating mainly from the OECD area.

The underwriting of a global assumed reinsurance account creates technical as well as cost-efficient synergies with internal Group Reinsurance. These are manifested primarily in the actuarial models and the design of optimal coverage concepts at an optimal price. Specialised resources such as IT and operating accounting tools can also be used efficiently. Thanks to this dual function – assumed and ceded reinsurance within one organisational unit – the Reinsurance unit not only has an in-depth understanding of the needs of a reinsurance buyer, but is also intimately acquainted with the requirements of our reinsurers.

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