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Strategy of the Helvetia Group

Over recent years, Helvetia has consolidated its position in three operating segments – Switzerland, Europe and Specialty Markets – increased its profitability and enhanced customer benefits. Based on its strengths, Helvetia is setting new targets for the next period.

The helvetia 20.20 strategy provides answers to current market trends and makes the company more digital, more agile and more valuable. It also places an even greater emphasis on its customers. Helvetia has ambitious goals in its three operating segments: in its home market, it aims to be the best Swiss insurance company, thus providing a solid foundation for the Group. It also intends to substantially improve its position in Europe and expand its standing as a selective niche player in the Specialty Markets market area.

Helvetia plays an active role in the Swiss and European insurance market – to the benefit of customers, shareholders and employees.

Would you like to find out more about why Helvetia is an attractive investment option? Be sure to read our equity story. How does the most important market of the group, i.e. Switzerland, position itself? What are the strategic objectives of Helvetia in its domestic market?

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