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helvetia 20.20 strategy

Helvetia has emerged stronger from the strategy period completed in 2015: the international insurance group with Swiss roots has significantly expanded its market position, further improved its profitability and considerably increased customer benefits. The helvetia 20.20 strategy is based on these strengths.

Helvetia to become more customer-focused, more digital and more agile

Helvetia analyses industry trends and systematically draws relevant conclusions for the next strategy period up to 2020.

Customers are becoming more individual and demanding – this is why Helvetia is gearing its activities even more consistently towards these customer wishes: the service offering is becoming more personalised, simpler and more convenient.

The world is becoming more digital – Helvetia is using this fact to drive its development. The insurance group is modernising the way it interacts with customers over a variety of channels and it is incorporating its partners more closely in its systems. It is making greater use of smart data to personalise its market services and precisely define its risks. It is also automating processes.

The significant changes in the insurance market provide opportunities: Helvetia is exploiting the mostly stable economic environment and digitisation in the non-life business to generate healthy growth, while aligning the life business to more modern and capital-efficient products. As it has done in the past, it also aims to further expand its customer base and sales network in future with targeted acquisitions, but now also supplemented by systematic innovation management and corporate ventures.

Strategy implementation creates value

The implementation of the helvetia 20.20 strategy will be advanced in a coordinated manner via the Switzerland, Europe and Specialty Markets operating segments and receive support from the Group functions. The key to the implementation process are the employees who are actively involved. Helvetia is sticking to its values of trust, dynamism and enthusiasm.

The helvetia 20.20 strategy creates value for everybody: Helvetia will remain personal and reliable, enhance customer benefits, increase profits and dividends and become more attractive as a modern employer.

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Helvetia regularly reports on the progress made in the implementation of the helvetia 20.20 strategy at the media and analysts’ conferences held to announce the annual and interim financial results. Do you want to keep abreast of developments? Then you can register to receive the latest company news.

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