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Your Investor Relations Contacts

Do you have any questions on analysts’ meetings, road shows or on financial topics? The Investor Relations Team will be happy to help.
Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Register here and receive future company information and ad hoc reports via the mailing list.

Susanne Tengler

Head of Investor Relations
T +41 (0)58 280 57 79
Email: susanne.tengler(at)

Philipp Schüpbach

Investor Relations Manager
T +41 (0)58 280 59 23

Alessandra Albisetti Szalay

Investor Relations Coordinator
T +41 (0)58 280 55 31

Your share register contact

Doris Oberhänsli

Doris Oberhänsli

Head of Share register
T +41 (0)58 280 55 83   
Doris Oberhänsli

The share register helps the company to reliably identify the shareholders and also to fulfil its duty of information towards them. For this reason, in your capacity as shareholder, we would ask you to inform the share register of any changes to your address or bank details. All documents, such as the invitation to the Shareholders’ Meeting and the annual and interim reports will be sent to the address you gave to the share register. Your dividend payments will be paid into the account you registered with us.

Your Swiss Insurer.

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