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Dividend information

It is important to Helvetia to generate attractive capital returns for its shareholders. Thanks to the positive and sustained profit trend and a solid capital base, it has been possible over the years to incrementally increase the dividend payments. In light of the operational and strategic successes in the financial year 2016, the Board of Directors proposed to the Shareholders’ Meeting on 28th April 2017 a dividend of CHF 21.00 per share. This represents a dividend yield of 3.8 percent and a payout ratio of 44 percent1). With a ratio in the target corridor of 40-50 percent, an income-oriented, continuous distribution policy can be pursued.


Dividend history

Dividend history

Dividend payment and taxable value per share in gross CHF

YearDividendTaxable value

The taxable value of the registered shares of Helvetia Holding, security no. 1 227 168, is determined by the Swiss Federal Tax Administration and applies for persons subject to tax in Switzerland. The final rate on the last trading day in the relevant year shall prevail.

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