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Shareholders' structure

Thanks to an open and shareholder-friendly strategy, Helvetia strives to attract abroad, international and long-term oriented shareholder base. Information on the shareholder structure is updated quarterly or, in the case of material changes.

Shareholders' structure as of 30 June 2017 (measured by free float)

Trend in shareholder numbers

DateNumber of shareholders DateNumber of shareholders

Shareholder pool

On 30.06.2017, 61.9% of the Helvetia shares were free float. The remaining shareholders (38.1%) are combined in a shareholder pool.

The pool agreement strengthens and promotes Helvetia’s strategic focus on cooperation in areas outside its core business (insurance), and supports the activities of the Group in crucial areas such as sales. It unites the cooperation partners of Helvetia Group in their capacity as long-term shareholders with a strategic focus who are interested in the successful development of the company; pool members may only sell their Helvetia shares with the consent of the other pool members, who also have a right of first refusal at market conditions. Beyond the scope of normal cooperation activities relating to consulting and the sale of financial, insurance and asset management products and services – in each case at market conditions – there are no significant business relationships between pool members and Helvetia Group.

Shareholder pool

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