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Art Insurance Artas – We live by true values of art

Helvetia has one of the most important collections of contemporary Swiss art. This has been built up over more than 70 years by Nationale Suisse, and came to Helvetia when the two companies merged. Thanks to this experience, we will meet all of our clients’ requirements.

In addition to its market value, an artwork always has a personal value. Helvetia’s Art Insurance Artas offers you the best possible protection for your works of art. Our solutions and advisory services offer clients increased added value. Our art experts have considerable specialist knowledge in the national and international art market and offer first-class, comprehensive and customized insurance cover for all kinds of artworks.

Well-established specialist knowledge

Helvetia clients can count on discretion, reliability and professionalism in all our service: she masters the art of insurance with expertise and offers its clients customized solutions for their works of art and other collectibles whether in Switzerland or abroad.

Helvetia offers the right insurance cover. Thanks to the All-Risk Insurance your objects on site and during transport are always well protected.

Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Your Swiss Insurer.

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