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Art Insurance Artas – solutions for your artworks

Helvetia is the ideal partner whether for private collectors, gallerists, museum directors or art dealers. Our expertise, reliability and professionalism offers first-class and customized insurance cover for all kinds of artworks.

Artas Collections

The Artas Collections insurance solution puts collectors in a position to afford their pictures and sculptures the protection they deserve.

Artas Corporate Collections and Foundations

Companies and foundations can obtain end-to-end cover for their artworks and collections with our insurance solutions.

Artas Galleries and Dealers

As a gallery owner or art dealer, you will find in Artas a truly «artful» insurance solution for the valuable objects you have purchased or which are entrusted to your care.

Artas Museums and Exhibitions

The Artas art insurance solution promises to provide optimal protection for the unique objects in your museum or exhibition.

Our experts will be happy to advise you.

Your Swiss Insurer.

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