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On 20 January 2017 in Vandans, the Consortium of Alpine Forestry Associations presented the Helvetia Alpine Protection Forest Award for the eleventh time.

A total of 25 proposals were submitted; eleven projects from Austria, Liechtenstein, Bavaria, South Tyrol and Switzerland received an award. The award ceremony was hosted by the Vorarlberg Forestry Association.

Winner of “protection forest partnerships  – PR work – innovation” category

As part of the “Forest Adventure Day – The Forest Comes into the City in Carinthia” project, the Carinthian Forestry Association organises a major event each year in  cooperation with its regional forest inspections aimed at raising awareness among  young people.

Winner of the “success project”

The “Kirchwald” project from Raggal/Vorarlberg was recognised as a model of  exemplary interplay between protection forest management, forest hunting  management and professional timber marketing.

Winner of “school projects”

Under the title “Premier School of the Mountain Forest Offensive”, the Grundschule  Rettenberg from Bavaria has launched a project that allows children to get to know  and appreciate the forest by means of practical and theoretical activities undertaken throughout their time at primary school.

Winner of the “special award”

The initiators of the “Integrated Mountain Forest Restoration in the Principality of Liechtenstein” project have undertaken various projects to ensure the sustainable development of the Liechtenstein Alpine region over more than five decades.

Second “protection forest guardian”

Georg Fritz from Möggers/Vorarlberg has committed himself to ensuring resource-conserving forestry and forest use in a wide variety of ways. With the combined efforts of forest owners and hunters in the “Möggers Hunting Model”, he has succeeded in achieving a balance in connection with the forestry/game/hunting issue. Today, the game benefits from a newly created forest that is optimised for grazing. Georg Fritz is also involved in the area of forest-related teaching, which provides positive images of the forest as well as a great deal of information and action.