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Helvetia is the official partner of the Alpine Protection Forest Award presented by the Consortium of Alpine Forestry Associations. The objective of the consortium is to rectify interregional and international problems relating to forest management in the Alpine region.

Since 2006, the Consortium of Alpine Forestry Associations (ARGE) has each year honoured exemplary projects aimed at ensuring the proper management of protection forests and their sustainability as well as the maintenance of a balance between people and nature in Alpine regions. It does so in the following categories:

  • Protection forest partnerships - PR work - innovation
  • Success project
  • School projects
  • Special award
  • Protection forest guardian

All winners receive a wooden sculpture by the Tyrol artist Helmut Mayr and the nominated school classes can look forward to a contribution to their class fund.

The cooperation with the Consortium of Alpine Forestry Associations (ARGE) strengthens Helvetia’s ties with the Alpine countries and promotes knowledge and understanding of the protection forest.

Alpine Protection Forest Award 2017

At the award ceremony for the 12th Helvetia Alpine Protection Forest Award in Kempten, Bavaria on 2 February, projects from Bavaria, St Gallen and Tyrol were honoured. Professor Ulrich Ammer was also recognized as a protection-forest patron for his services to protection forests.

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Alpine Protection Forest Award 2016

On 20 January 2017 in Vandans, the Consortium of Alpine Forestry Associations presented the Helvetia Alpine Protection Forest Award for the eleventh time. Eleven projects from Austria, Liechtenstein, Bavaria, South Tyrol and Switzerland received an award.

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Alpine Protection Forest Award 2015

At the tenth award ceremony for the Helvetia Alpine Protection Forest Award in Toblach on 22 January 2016, the best Projects and ideas relating to the preservation and improvement of protection forest were recognised once more. The jury also elected a “protection forest guardian” for the first time, honouring the recipient for his exemplary commitment to the well-being of the forest.

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