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Corporate responsibility contact

Do you have any questions regarding corporate responsibility issues? Or would you like to give us feedback? The CR team will be happy to assist you. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Corporate Responsibility Officer Helvetia Group and Market Unit Switzerland


Kristine Schulze

Head of Corporate Responsibility

P +41 58 280 53 49


Corporate responsibility contacts in the market units

Michaela Fritz

Austria I Michaela Fritz

Corporate Communications & CR

P +43 50 222 1239


Klaus Michl

Germany I Klaus Michl

Head of Marketing

P +49 69 1332 245


Chiara Sanvito

Italy I Chiara Sanvito

Program & Change Management

P + 39 02 5351398


Pierre-François Breuneval

France I Pierre-François Breuneval

Directeur, Direction des services support

P +33 2 32 92 91 77



Spain I Carmen Caballero

Comunicación y Responsabilidad Corporativa, Responsable de Departamento

P +34 954 593 200