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Financial Calendar

The Helvetia financial calendar provides information on upcoming and past events.
05.01. Helvetia Group: 2017 in review
Infokit Business Publications
11.01. Baader Swiss Equities Conference, Bad Ragaz  
05.03. Publication of annual results 2017, Zurich Infokit Annual Results
06.03. Roadshow Zurich  
07.03. Roadshow London  
13.03. Publication of the Annual Report 2017 Infokit Annual Results
15.03. Roadshow Geneva  
19.03. Roadshow Frankfurt  
22.03. Kepler Cheuvreux Swiss Seminar, Zurich  
20.04. Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting, St.Gallen  
24.04. Ex-dividend date  
25.04. Record date  
26.04. Dividend payment date  
02./03.05. Roadshow Scandinavia  
15./16.05. Roadshow USA  
30.05. J.P. Morgan European Insurance Conference, London  
20.06. Roadshow Milano/Lugano  
04.09. Publication of half-year results 2018 (conference call) Infokit Half-year results
05.09. Roadshow London  
06.09. Roadshow Zurich  
13.09. Roadshow Dublin  
27.09. Baader Investment Conference, Munich  
17.10. Roadshow Frankfurt  
12.01. Baader Helvea Swiss Equities Conference 2017
Infokit Business Publications
13.01. Helvetia Group: 2016 in review
Infokit Business Publications
13.03. Publication of 2016 annual results, Zurich
14.03. Roadshow Zurich  
22.03. Roadshow London  
29.03. Participation at Kepler Cheuvreux's Swiss Seminar
30.03. Roadshow Frankfurt  
20.04. Roadshow Paris  
24.04. Roadshow Geneva  
28.04. Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting, St Gall
Infokit Annual General Meeting
02./03.05. Roadshow USA  
03.05. Ex-dividend date
04.05. Record date
05.05. Dividend payment date  
15./16.05. Roadshow Scandinavia  
08.06. Capital Markets Day Infokit Capital Markets Day
22.06. Participation at dbAccess Berlin Conference  
23.06. Roadshow Milano/Lugano  
04.09. Publication of 2017 interim results (conference call)
Infokit Half-year Results
05.09. Roadshow Zurich  
06.09. Roadshow London  
07.09. Roadshow Dublin  
15.09. UBS Best of Switzerland Conference Infokit Business Publications
20.09. Baader Investment Conference Infokit Business Publications
27.09. Roadshow Frankfurt  
07.11. Information session on IFRS 17 Infokit Business Publications
08.01. Helvetia Group: 2015 under review   Infokit Business Publications
14.01. Helvea Swiss Equities Conference 2016 Infokit Business Publications
15.01. Bellevue Meets Management Seminar 2016  
14.03. Publication of 2015 financial results
Infokit Annual Results
15.03. Zurich roadshow
16.03. Paris roadshow
16.03. Geneva roadshow
17.03. London roadshow
18.03. Frankfurt roadshow
23.03. Kepler Cheuvreux Swiss Seminar
22.04. Ordinary Shareholders' Meeting
Infokit Annual General Meeting
26.04. Ex-date (first trading date without dividend) 
28.04. Payment date (dividend value date)
24./26.05. USA roadshow
25.05. Berenberg European Conference USA 2016
Infokit Business Publications
01.06. Milan/Lugano roadshow
08.06. Vontobel Summer Conference 2016 Infokit Business Publications
16./17.06. Scandinavia roadshow
05.09. Publication of 2016 interim results Infokit Half-Year Results
06.09. Zurich roadshow
08.09. London roadshow
09.09. Dublin roadshow
12.09. Edinburgh roadshow
15.09. UBS Best of Switzerland Conference 2016 Infokit Business Publications
27.09. Frankfurt roadshow
06.12. Berenberg European Conference 2016 Infokit Business Publications
14.12. Netherlands roadshow
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