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Helvetia publishes offer prospectus on the takeover of National Suisse

As declared in the pre-announcement on 7 July 2014, Helvetia today published the offer prospectus for the public tender offer of Helvetia Holding AG, St. Gallen, Switzerland for all publicly held registered shares of Swiss National Insurance Company Ltd, Basel, Switzerland.
The offer prospectus (also available as an expanded issue prospectus) can be requested in English, French or German from UBS AG, Zurich (Tel. +41 44 239 47 03, Fax +41 44 239 69 14 or by e-mail at swiss-prospectus@ubs.com). The offer prospectus and Helvetia's other publications regarding the offer can be viewed at http://www.takeover.ch or at the company website at www.helvetia.com/tender-offer.

The offer notice and all other offer-related publications that must appear in newspapers will be published in German in Neue Zürcher Zeitung and in French in Le Temps. They will also be sent to Bloomberg and Reuters for publication.

For the shareholders of Nationale Suisse, the offer period begins on 25 August 2014 and (probably) ends on 19 September 2014 at 4.00 p.m. The expected date of settlement of the offer and of the exchange is 20 October 2014.

Preliminary transaction timetable

Publication of pre-announcement in electronic media
7 July 2014
Publication of pre-announcement in print media
9 July 2014
Publication of the offer notice and offer prospectus
8 August 2014
Publication of the offer notice in the print media
9 August 2014
Start of cooling-off period
11 August 2014
End of cooling-off period
22 August 2014
Start of offer period
25 August 2014
Helvetia extraordinary shareholders' meeting
17 September 2014
End of offer period*
19 September 2014
Publication of provisional interim results* in digital media
22 September 2014
Publication of the final interim results* in the newspapers
25 September 2014
Start of additional acceptance period*
26 September 2014
Nationale Suisse extraordinary shareholders' meeting
29 September 2014
End of additional acceptance period*
9 October 2014
Publication of provisional final results* in digital media
10 October 2014
Publication of the final end results* in the newspapers
15 October 2014
Capital increase*
16 October 2014
Listing of the newly created Helvetia Shares / publication of the official notice
20 October 2014
Settlement of offer and exchange*
20 October 2014
First trading day of the newly created Helvetia Shares on the SIX Swiss Exchange*
20 October 2014
Payment of a cash compensation in case of fractions*
22 October 2014

* Helvetia reserves the right to extend the offer period in accordance with Section B.5. (“Offer Period”) once or several times and/or to defer the settlement of the Offer. The dates subsequent thereto shall then be adjusted accordingly.

This press release is also available on the home page www.helvetia.com/media.

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