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Helvetia undertakes major expansion of its sales network

In the wake of its takeover of Nationale Suisse, Helvetia Insurance is to expand its agency network in Switzerland from the current level of 62 to 81 general and principal agencies by 1 May 2015. This will enable the 'new Helvetia' to offer its customers an even tighter-knit network of competent consulting and reliable service.
Following the merger of the two field sales organisations of Helvetia and Nationale Suisse into the 'new Helvetia', the agency network of Helvetia Switzerland will be strengthened substantially with effect of 1.5.2015. Due to agency duplication in various locations, the previously 35 general and 27 principal agencies of Helvetia and the in excess of 60 general and principal agencies of Nationale Suisse will join forces to form 43 general and 38 principal agencies. René Stocker, sales manager at Helvetia, emphasised: “At both companies the majority of premium volume is generated by the sales force. It is precisely this customer proximity and high-quality service culture that make Helvetia and Nationale Suisse stand out.” For customers nothing changes. The advisors continue to be responsible for the support of their regular customer base. Ralph Jeitziner, former sales manager at Nationale Suisse and the designated sales manager at Helvetia Switzerland, stated: “This extensive and tightly-knit sales network together with stable customer relations will enable us to combine the strengths of the two companies in an optimum manner.”

Extension of the market presence in western and eastern Switzerland
The merger with Nationale Suisse will enable Helvetia to significantly extend its market position in the French-speaking and Ticino regions. Helvetia’s product and services range will moreover be enhanced to include various offers from Nationale Suisse such as health/accident insurance for corporate customers, travel insurance, art insurance, credit life and engineering. In the form of smile.direct, a unique online sales platform, already well-established in the market, will then be available, which has repeatedly achieved top ratings for quality, service and offers in neutral comparison tests. Philipp Gmür, CEO Helvetia Switzerland, is convinced: “The 'new Helvetia' will as such become a leading all-branch insurer in Switzerland and can further reinforce and extend its market position as number 3. The new field sales organisation provides us with an outstanding starting position for realising our strategic ambitions.”

This media release is also available on the home page www.helvetia.ch/media.

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