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Helvetia is committed to renewable energy and has joined the RE100 initiative

Helvetia has joined RE100, a global initiative of companies working together to encourage the use of renewable energy sources. By becoming a member, Helvetia wants to promote the transition to a climate friendly economy. The internationally active insurance group already procures all its energy from renewable sources.
The UN Climate Change Conference is being held in Marrakech until 18 November 2016. At this conference governments, companies and civil organizations are addressing the implementation of the 2°C target set almost a year ago as part of the Paris Agreement.

Several voluntary projects aiming to reduce CO2 emissions have already been established, one of which is RE100. By joining this global initiative, companies agree they will henceforth use electricity from renewable sources only. The 83 companies which have signed up to RE100 want their commitment to spur others on, increasing global demand for and delivery of renewable energy. They publish on the Internet what they are doing specifically to combat global warming, with the aim of encouraging other companies to do the same. Helvetia Insurance has now joined RE100, pledging to procure 100% of the electricity it uses in all the countries it operates in from renewable sources by 2020 at the latest.

Insurance industry directly affected by climate change
"The effects of climate change are manifold and also affect the insurance industry directly," said Philipp Gmür, CEO of Helvetia Group. "Our knowledge of the risks and the fact that insurance is an industry which must always consider the long term motivate us to support the fight against human-induced climate change." Philipp Gmür pointed out that this is only possible if the company itself makes a contribution, and emphasized the fact that "environmental protection must always start with the individual". At Helvetia, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is an established part of corporate responsibility management. In terms of electricity consumption, Helvetia has already exceeded its own targets: last year the insurance group switched to renewable sources for all its electricity.

This media release is also available on our website www.helvetia.com/media.

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