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Simple. Understand. Explained.

Junge Frau hört lachend Musik und tanzt.

Our brand identity «simple. clear. helvetia.» sounds simple. But what exactly do our customers – and we – understand by “simple”? In the following we will explain the expectations behind the concept of “simple” and the opportunities it offers.

Customers like things simple.

In our highly complex world, we crave simplicity. From the standpoint of our customers, simplicity is a quality with many different facets.

We make things simple.

We do everything we can to simplify the complex topics of insurance and pensions for our customers. In this way we provide orientation and engender a feeling of security and trust. We also try to simplify our employees’ everyday work by encouraging them to be innovative and helping them put their ideas into practice.

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Very few elements go into making simplicity, and only very few rules are needed to describe how they interact. Simplicity is thus the opposite of complexity.