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Media release

Solo exhibition "Save Our Souls" by huber.huber in the Helvetia Art Foyer

The new solo exhibition in the Helvetia Art Foyer entitled "Save Our Souls" features works by the artist duo huber.huber. These reflect the artists' investigation of the precarious relationship between nature and technologized culture. The exhibition is open on Thursdays from 4–8 p.m. There is no admission charge.
The current solo exhibition in the Helvetia Art Foyer entitled "Save Our Souls" groups installations objects and photographs by the Zurich-based artist duo huber.huber. Twin brothers Markus and Reto Huber (b.1975) are constantly exploring the precarious relationship between nature and technologized culture in their oeuvre. Their exhibition opens a field of associations ranging from nature – both threatened and threatening – to technologies that have the potential to destroy and to save the world.

"Stella maris" – the guiding star
"Stella maris" is the title of a key work in the exhibition and refers to Maria's vocation as saviour of seafarers and to the symbol of the guiding star. Another work is entitled "S.O.S": the fluorescent tube of an everyday lamp emits the well-known call for help. The other works in the exhibition also deal with the topic of human protective behaviour: old church windows take on a new function as an asylum-giving shelter; a series of photographs hints at the phrase "Save us", often used in prayers; an ungrounded lightning arrester becomes a useless and mortally dangerous object; fetish and protective amulets illustrate archetypal behaviour patterns; and a butterfly squashed underneath a reflected base resumes its original shape as a gesture of reconciliation, thanks to the reflection.

Championing art
The exhibitions are part of Helvetia's commitment to art as an art insurer. In this way, artists are given an opportunity to present their works to a broad public in the Art Foyer. At the same time, Helvetia opens its own art collection to the general public. With over 1,700 works by around 400 artists, it is one of the most significant collections of contemporary Swiss art. Three or four exhibitions a year are staged in the Helvetia Art Foyer. The company's commitment to art also includes the Helvetia Art Prize, which assists young artists starting out in their careers.

Key data on the "Save Our Souls" exhibition
7 September 2017 until 18 January 2018
Closed on 9 November 2017 and 28 December 2017
Thursdays, 4 – 8 p.m.
Helvetia Insurance, Art Foyer, Steinengraben 25, 4051 Basel
Admission is free

Note for media representatives
Journalists may visit the "Save Our Souls" exhibition outside of opening hours. To take advantage of this opportunity, please contact the Helvetia media unit:

Tel.: +41 (0)58 280 50 33

huber.huber: "the world will be hotter"

This media release can also be found on the website www.helvetia.com/media.

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