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MoneyPark and Helvetia to combine their sales strength and bolster their market lead

MoneyPark and Helvetia plan to solidify their leading position in the Swiss mortgage and real estate market. The two companies will combine the strengths of their sales forces across Switzerland. Customers will benefit from MoneyPark's mortgage and real estate expertise combined with Helvetia's insurance solutions. This will give more than one million Helvetia customers in Switzerland direct access to MoneyPark services at over 30 locations.
05.09.2023 | Media release
MoneyPark and Helvetia are jointly pursuing the goal of further strengthening their leading position in the Swiss mortgage and real estate markets. Over the next five years, the two companies plan to significantly increase the annually brokered mortgage volume, which currently stands at over CHF 3 billion. The combined sales strengths of MoneyPark and Helvetia will be leveraged to achieve this goal, subject to the outcome of employee consultations at MoneyPark and the approval of the supervisory authority. The MoneyPark mortgage and real estate brokerage sales network will be expanded and integrated into the Helvetia distribution organisation to achieve targeted growth. Customers will continue to be provided with services under the established MoneyPark brand, both in MoneyPark flagship stores in Zurich, Lausanne and Geneva, and via MoneyPark shop-in-shops in Helvetia's general agencies. This will enable MoneyPark and Helvetia to work together even more effectively and unlock the potential offered by new and existing customers and partners even more successfully.  
Combining leading real estate expertise and an extensive sales network
Helvetia customers will benefit from personalised, independent mortgage and real estate advice in their region, as well as from direct access to mortgage deals from over 150 MoneyPark partners. These can be directly linked to Helvetia pension and insurance solutions. MoneyPark customers will gain access to Helvetia's expertise in pensions and property insurance. Customers of MoneyPark's product and service subsidiary, finovo, will not be affected by the plan.  
In addition to collaborating more closely and continuing to unlock the sales potential within insurance, pension and residential property products, a further aim is to increase efficiency. By pooling resources, cost synergies of CHF 6 to 8 million could be realised starting in 2024, which are expected to result in the reduction of 25 to 30 support roles. The change will see the merging of the two end-user platforms Helvetia ImmoWorld and MoneyPark. Helvetia will write down the value of its investment in MoneyPark by approximately CHF 27 million in the half-year result. 
CEO of Helvetia Switzerland Martin Jara believes that the new set-up will offer significant advantages: "I look forward to working even more closely with my colleagues at MoneyPark in the future. Combining MoneyPark's leading real estate expertise with Helvetia's extensive sales network is the right response to the challenging market environment. It allows us to seize new growth opportunities in the Swiss market and to provide customers with comprehensive support and advice on insurance, pension and residential property solutions from a single source. This will enable us to further expand our Home ecosystem and strengthen the fee business in line with the objectives of the helvetia 20.25 strategy."  

Mortgage partners of MoneyPark to benefit 
MoneyPark is also creating new opportunities to further expand its leading product and service platform for independent mortgage and real estate advice. In addition, over one million Helvetia customers will have access to MoneyPark's financing partners. As CEO of MoneyPark Martin Tschopp explains: "Our partners will benefit from the combined growth of MoneyPark and Helvetia. And by taking this step, we can develop new and innovative products and services for our B2B and B2B2C partners." 

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