It is our ambition to maintain our attractive business portfolio and to grow dynamically and sustainably in the world of the life and non-life treaty reinsurance market.
Ambition Helvetia Active Reinsurance

We are convinced that by continuing with our profitable growth strategy, we will be able to create the most value for our clients, employees and shareholders.

We dynamically expand our market position.

A well-diversified portfolio is the cornerstone of our long-term success. Geographic diversification with a wide range of existing and new lines of business and independent risks support this ambition.

We sustainably enhance our profitability.

Despite the challenging economic conditions, we succeeded in generating pleasing results. Our underwriting-driven risk appetite and efficient retrocession agreements to protect us from catastrophic events will support sustainable and profitable results.

We improve client benefits along with client needs.

We engage across numerous risk classes and aim to become a strong and valuable reinsurance partner in any business relationship offering risk transfer and capital optimization.