We aim to produce diversified growth, optimise profitability, maximise customer loyalty and delight our customers with modern systems and processes.
Strategic priorities

Build value through partnership

We build our strategy on a customer-centric partnership model with our life and non-life clients. Helvetia has achieved a preferred status with our market partners through continuity and consistency and by being highly responsive and reliable. Our aim is to engage across multiple business lines and to be a strong and valuable reinsurance franchise.

Create a balanced and diversified portfolio

We want to raise our profile. Enhancing our position in Europe, the Middle East and North America and expanding in particular in the fast-growing Asian and Latin American markets will support our ambition to create a balanced and diversified portfolio of geographically independent risks.

Broaden our product offering

Expanding and deepening our product offering will create lasting value for our clients, shareholders and staff. We are enthusiastic about remaining a leading following reinsurer in property, casualty and specialty treaty business and showing flexibility in engaging in proportional and non-proportional solutions. At the same time, we are excited about taking new steps towards a clearer offering of natural catastrophe capacities, and engaging more in specialty casualty as well as credit & surety, and biometric life reinsurance treaties.

Make a difference

We pay particular attention to the qualifications, experience and commitment of our staff, who will listen carefully to the needs of our clients and who have the authority and competence to engage with our partners in the global reinsurance market. Expert underwriting, professional actuarial services and efficient technical accounting remain key to our success. A lean and efficient organization and a low management expense ratio will support our ambition to achieve profitability and long-term releationship. We will also continue to digitalize our processes to make us fit for the future.

Delight through our values

Our Swiss tradition for writing treaty business based on the values of stability, respect, responsibility and honesty makes us proud and ready for our next strategic period. We want to delight our customers on their journey of risk transfer and capital optimization.