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Our engineering solutions

Here you can find an overview of our engineering insurance solutions.

Civil Construction

The demand for underground and suburban railways, high-rise buildings and general infrastructure projects such as railways or harbours and industrial plants is constantly increasing. These projects need tailor made coverage and insurance solutions to your needs.

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The Energy sector is a highly complex industry and energy suppliers face significant challenges to remain competitive. Environmental aspects, political and financial issues that makes them struggle for survival, heavily influences the environment in which energy suppliers operate.

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The electricity sector and the combined cycle gas turbine technology are in constant progress. Not only are the on-going costs of solar PV decreasing, wind power plants are becoming more and more cost-effective and implementation of subsea inter-connectors is growing: Helvetia is proudly offering insurance solutions for construction and operation of power plant technology types.

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Industrial Property

We focus on heavy industrial risks only and we do not write general property. Our team of experienced engineers provide insurance solutions to more than 50 no. Steel and Metal producers all over the world, a growing number of chemical and pharmaceutical companies.

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