Cobertoo relies on a peer-to-peer concept with a social awareness element to disrupt the Spanish mobile phone insurance market.



Helvtia Invested



Ricardo Sánchez


Madrid, Spain

Missing trust in your mobile phone insurance provider shall no longer be an issue. Thanks to the peer-to-peer approach of their product "Cobertoo", Freshurance brings sharing economy and full transparency into the game: Policyholders pay a one-time membership fee of EUR 10 and monthly premia for the insured mobile phone, dependent on the exact model. Freshurance receives the membership fee and 25% of the premium. The remaining 75% of the premia are paid into a pot, out of which claims are paid. 75% of the sum that remains in the pot after claim settlements is returned to the policyholder in the form of a classic cash back, while the other 25% are donated to NGOs with charitable purposes. The entire insurance process, including claims settlement, is handled digitally. Cobertoo combines sustainability and social responsibility alike.

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