Coinscrap Finance

Coinscrap Finance is a Fintech/Insurtech startup supporting leading European banks and insurances through a platform that turns open banking data into cross selling opportunities using financial planning.



Helvtia Invested



David Conde


Pontevedra, Spain

The innovation cycle for Bank & Insurers usually takes around 21,5 months on average. At Coinscrap Finance we want to be the The Financial Health AI Platform of the future using transactional data & behavioural economics. We help banks and insurers to understand the financial situation of their clients and to sell the the product that better fits, a win-win for both financial entities & their retail customers.

Coinscrap Finance provides to banks & insurers a modular financial planning platform which allows them lo launch innovative use cases such as Personal/Business Finance Manage, Financial Health analysis & Micro-savings/investments.

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