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    Investment Highlights
    High location and property quality

    Access to a real estate portfolio with above-average location and property quality.

    Sustainability Strategy

    Long-term increase in quality through sustainable management of the properties over the entire life cycle.

    Stable rental income

    Real estate portfolio with a high proportion of residential properties and correspondingly stable rental income.

    Broad diversification

    Diversified portfolio in terms of both property size and geographical distribution.

    Established portfolio

    Immediate revenue generation and high cash flow return from portfolio.

    Real estate expertise Helvetia

    Helvetia real estate competence with many years of expertise in the institutional environment.

    Investment principles
    • Buy, hold and manage strategy
    • Broad regional diversification throughout Switzerland at good to very good micro/macro locations
    • Core and core+ direct real estate investments
    • Residential focus (min. 50%)
    • Mixed-use and commercial properties where offices, trading and commerce are the main occupancy types
    • Newbuild projects with planning permission

    Portfolio structure

    The real estate portfolio of the Helvetia (CH) Swiss Property Fund consists of pure residential and mix-used properties. They are located throughout Switzerland, mainly in large and mid-sized towns and cities and their conurbations.

    Geographic portfolio distribution as % of portfolio market value
    Northwest Switzerland 25 %
    Zurich 23 %
    Lake Geneva 12 %
    Eastern Switzerland 13 %
    Central Switzerland 9 %
    Berne 11 %
    Western Switzerland 5 %
    Southern Switzerland 2 %
    As of 30.09.2023
    Portfolio distribution by use as % of target rental income p.a.
    Residential properties 78.1 %
    Parking spaces 7.6 %
    Office spaces 5.5 %
    Commercial spaces 2.8 %
    Retail spaces 4.5 %
    Restaurants 0.3 %
    Other 1.2 %
    As of 30.09.2023
    Property types as % of portfolio market value
    Residential buildings 79 %
    Mixed-use buildings 13 %
    Commercial buildings 8 %
    As of 30.09.2023