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Capital option

Instead of a statutory old-age pension, I apply for the following on my retirement

Note: The part of the retirement savings, which is not needed for the annual pension, will be paid out as a one-time capital payment.

Tax-related issues

The tax authorities may consider a capital withdrawal to be circumvention if voluntary purchases were made within three years of the capital withdrawal. The tax authorities may look at someone’s pillar 2 relationship as a whole and generally do not recognise the deductibility of voluntary purchases made during this period. This can lead to an additional tax assessment. The insured person is, in all events, responsible for the tax consequences of a capital withdrawal.

The tax authorities may also consider capital withdrawals to be abusive and offset them if they are drawn in instalments.

It is recommended to clarify the situation prior to the capital withdraw with the relevant tax authority.

Next steps

Capital withdrawals require the approval of the spouse or registered partner. The hence together with the announcement of the payment of the retirement benefits will request the necessary signature, which must be officially certified. For unmarried persons, we will require an original proof of civil status.

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