Details of the employer

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Details of the employee


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Details of the death

Was the death the result of an accident?
Prior to death, was the deceased able to work/earn? A person is considered to have a partial incapacity for work if, at the start of insurance, he/she has to be fully or partially absent from work for health reasons, is receiving daily unemployment benefits as a result of accident or illness, can no longer be fully employed as befits his/her training and skills for health reasons or is disabled within the meaning of the Swiss invalidity insurance, accident insurance or military insurance schemes, and/or is drawing benefits from one or more of these institutions (please attach pension decision).
Are there any other claims from other insurance institutions?
Has the person been registered with the Swiss old-age and survivors’ insurance?
Are there any plans for the person to be registered with the Swiss old-age and survivors’ insurance?

Additional details needed for processing the death:

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Details of the surviving dependants

Are details of the reason for entitlement to death benefits known and are any other documents available?

Please specify the persons entitled to claim.

If so, please specify the persons entitled to claim.

Please note: Only of relevance if the marriage or the registered partnership with the deceased lasted longer than 10 years.


Other entitled person

Relationship with the deceased

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Documentation relating to the death

To simplify matters, please attach the documents you already have.

Documents required, depending on the situation:

  • Official death certificate
  • Doctor’s report on the cause of death
  • Family record document or certificate of the registered partnership for the surviving dependants’ pension.
  • List of heirs
  • Divorce decree or ruling on the dissolution of a registered partnership and confirmation of legal validity (for claimants from a former marriage or registered partnership).
  • In the event that the accident insurance and/or military insurance scheme is obligated to pay benefits: Pension rulings by OASI or by the accident insurance and/or military insurance schemes

Documents attached:

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Contact person details

Please provide a contact person from the circle of the survivors for further information.

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