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We believe in tailor-made and innovative insurance products and international programmes for corpo­rate customers in the areas of industrial property, engineering and energy, transportation and aviation as well as for B2B2C insurance solutions for retail goods and heavy equipment, efficiently and seam­lessly delivered to our customers and sales intermediaries. We aim to integrate the customer and sales intermediary into our value chain, thus creating a seamless insurance cycle. We believe in thorough and rigorous underwriting and we promise professional, fast and diligent claims handling. We are passionate about finding the best and most innovative solutions for our customers and partners.

We acknowledge our responsibility to the environment and the climate. We strive to operate in a cli­mate-neutral manner and we utilize Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles when invest­ing. Furthermore, we carefully evaluate insurance risks under environmental and social aspects prior to underwriting. Moreover, we actively contribute to the further development of Liechtenstein’s capital mar­kets and regularly provide input to planned enhancements of the supervisory framework for insurance companies domiciled in Liechtenstein.
Our ambition is to be recognized as an agile and innovative insurer and trusted long-term partner for innovative specialty lines insurance solutions in niche markets across Europe as well as globally.

We place the highest importance on client relationship management, and we train our underwrit­ers to understand our partners’ and clients’ businesses and commercial needs in order to find individ­ual solutions. We emphasize agility and we set ourselves apart with a fast and professional decision-making process. We apply rigorous and thorough underwriting by applying the highest tech­nical skills, using smart data and sophisticated in-house pricing tools. We invest in human technical expertise by hiring the best technical experts in the respective fields. We build our underwriting and claims teams to have a diverse set of skills not only reflecting technical but also commercial and legal criteria. We believe in a 360-degree underwriting and claims process. We aim to integrate customer touch points into our insurance cycle by using open-source platforms where possible. In so doing, we place the highest importance on data security and integrity. We conduct site visits, participate in tech­nical surveys and industry expert groups to better understand businesses and provide expert knowl­edge. All of these activities help us to find optimal and innovative solutions for our customers and part­ners. Lastly, we believe in sound underwriting and pricing. We focus on cycle management, technical price differentiation and diligent management of natural catastrophe accumulation exposure by mod­elling catastrophic events on our portfolio. For us, sound underwriting means we provide favorable and adequately priced insurance coverages towards the risk we take on our balance sheet.

We write business predominantly in Europe by using our Freedom of Service license (FOS) and in the US with our Excess and Surplus Lines Authority. Moreover, we write business in other territories of the world predominantly in niche markets where we have either appropriate licenses or local laws and regulations permit the writing of business without a specific insurance or financial license. We acquire business predominantly through brokers and independent sales agents or underwriting agencies. More­over, we intend to increase our footprint in the market by further investing in our relationship with se­lect brokers and intermediaries, thereby using our strong and trusted brand name, long-term perspec­tive as well as our financially strong credit rating from S&P of A/stable and considered highly strategic to the Helvetia Group.

We aim to increase our profit contribution to Helvetia Group by deploying our capital efficiently and consequently leveraging our core capabilities, location economies as well as Group functions and Helvetia's strong brand reputation and capitalization.