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Claiming because of a storm?

Report your claim to us conveniently and easily online.
What should you do in the event of storm damage?
1. Close windows and open parts of the building
Close open parts of the building and windows. However, do not put yourself in danger!
2. Safeguard items
Rescue or protect any items at risk and put them in a safe place. Then dry and clean them.
3. Remove any water
Remove any water or hail from the building. Then dry and clean the interior spaces affected.
4. Report the claim to Helvetia
Report your claim online or call us on 058 280 3000. We will then give you information on your cover and how to proceed.
5. Claim documentation
Draw up a list of all the items that have been damaged and note down their value. Also take informative pictures of the items and the situation at your location.
6. Note down expenses
Document the expenses incurred for cleaning and waste disposal work, or notify us of the cost estimate from a company in your region for the repairs, including an initial cost estimate. Please ask the tradesman for a work report for any measures that needed to be taken immediately. Check that these are correct and sign them.