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International sanctions

International sanctions are a tool of international politics. They are an important instrument to ensure that the will of the international community is respected.

They can take different forms: freezing of assets, prohibition of access to the territory, restrictions on imports and exports (embargo), etc.

The countries for which international sanctions have been imposed are currently the following:

Countries where only sanctions against persons have been imposed
Countries where at least one embargo measure has been imposed
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Burundi Armenia (UK only)
Republic of Guinea (Conakry)
Azerbaijan (UK only)
Eritrea Belarus
Ethiopia Burma (Myanmar)
Guinea-Bissau Central African Republic
Haiti China
Mali Democratic Republic of Congo
Moldova North Korea
Nicaragua Cuba
Tunisia Hong Kong
Turkey Iran
  South Sudan

Official websites

Additional information on international sanctions can be obtained by consulting the official websites of the relevant authorities.
A non-exhaustive list of these websites is given below:

International sanctions questionnaires

Questionnaires allowing Helvetia to assess the risk of a breach of an international sanction are made available below in English for hull and cargo activity.

These questionnaires must be filled in by the customer or his representative for risk assessment purposes and forwarded to his usual contact at Helvetia.

The questionnaires are updated periodically. Please use the latest versions availables on this web page.

Cargo: English questionnaire

Hull: English questionnaire

Other risks: please contact your usual contact at Helvetia directly.


The information provided on this webpage are for information purposes only. They do not claim to be exhaustive. This information is subject to change at any time without notice.
They are not a substitute for information available on the official websites of the relevant authorities.
Helvetia France and its group companies are not liable for any errors, omissions or delays in updating.