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Buy & finance. Mortgage calculator. What does a mortgage cost?

Mortgage calculator

Our mortgage calculator lets you quickly and easily calculate the key figures for your mortgage.

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Personal & digital. Comprehensive advice on your home.

How high is your personal interest rate?

Fill in the form now and find out the interest rate you can expect.

Mortgage type Please indicate whether you want to apply for a new mortgage or the renewal of an existing mortgage. Depending on the type, we require different information from you.
Property type Please select the type of property for which you would like to take out or extend a mortgage. In this way, we only consider those providers who also finance this type of property. In addition, other capital requirements apply to certain types of property.
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Personal & digital. Comprehensive advice on your home.

Budget calculator

When buying a house or an apartment, your budget will depend on your income and your available equity. Use our calculation tool to work out how much you would be able to spend on your new home.

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Personal & digital. Comprehensive advice on your home.
Would you like to draw on pension monies?
Any pension monies drawn down are subject to capital gains tax. Find out what your tax liability is for the planned withdrawal.
Helvetia Vorsorgeanalyse
How big are your pension gaps?
Will you still be able to afford your own home after retirement? For optimum pension planning, we offer our digital pension check so you can assess your financial situation yourself.

Personal & digital. Comprehensive advice on your home.

Our experts at Helvetia and MoneyPark can advise you on all financial matters relating to the search for, purchase, ownership and sale of your own home. They also keep an eye on insurance and pensions.