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Helvetia ImmoWorld: Absichern & Wohnen

Protect & maintain. Preserve the value of property with targeted renovations.

Life span table

Life span tables show how many years certain building elements or extension components will last before they should be replaced.

What does it cost to maintain your home?

When it comes to your personal assets, a financial roadmap is essential. But what about preserving the value of your property? With a few details, our renovation calculator will tell you when renovations make sense, and how much money you should put aside for them.


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A new chapter begins with the start of your construction project. Faberling accompanies you on this journey. Our experts are more than advisors – they are your allies who stand up for your needs. Take advantage of a 10% discount on a construction consultation and start your project with confidence.
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Finding your dream home together – register now in the MoneyPark Cockpit and benefit.

Every home tells a story. With Renovero at your side, this story will be shaped by beauty, longevity and excellent craftsmanship. Let's make each chapter a masterpiece together. Start your project and find the tradespeople that suit you. Register in the MoneyPark Cockpit and benefit from perfect craftsmanship for your home.
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Finance renovation work

A property often represents the single biggest part of an individual’s assets. So it is hardly surprising that we want to look after our home. With fairly large investments or where a lot of renovations are necessary, it is always worth speaking to an expert.

Personal & digital. Comprehensive advice on your home.

Our experts at Helvetia and MoneyPark can advise you on all financial matters relating to the search for, purchase, ownership and sale of your own home. They also keep an eye on insurance and pensions.