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Acquisition and Redemption fees

With an index strategy, excellent results in the medium and long term are only possible with a low cost structure (cf. TER).

Total Expense Ratio (TER)

The total expense ratio (TER) is charged annually directly to the investment group. The performance as published by us is always a net performance (after TER). In this key figure calculation, the commissions and costs incurred in managing the investment groups that were debited to the fund assets are added together and expressed as a percentage of the average net fund value.

Portfolio Turnover Ratio (PTR)

The portfolio turnover ratio (PTR) is a key figure for determining the cost relevance of transactions involving the assets of an investment group. If the PTR equals 100%, the portfolio has been turned over once in the reporting period. The closer the key figure is to zero, the more direct the connection is between issue and redemption of investment funds (shares in investment funds) on transactions that have been executed.

2023 TER PTR
Swiss Shares Smart Beta Dynamic 100 ESG
0.58% 135%
0.41% -7%
LOB-Mix Plus 35 0.52% 9%
Swiss Real Estate
0.66% -
Romandie Real Estate
0.66% -
Mortgages Switzerland 0.25% -

Acquisition or redemption fee

Helvetia Investment Foundation also charges a single acquisition or redemption fee according to the principle of causation.

Transaction fees are generated when entitlements are bought or sold (brokerage fees, stock exchange fees, taxes) by the employee benefit institution that is buying and selling entitlements. We use a fee model to make sure that only the employee benefit institution causing the costs is affected by the costs. In this way we protect the existing founders in the Investment Foundation against additional costs.

For a switch between investment groups we charge reduced fees generated by the portfolio adjustments.