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Sustainable investments

Insurance companies are subject to strict security and profit requirements. They must dependably invest their customers’ money in a way that is profitable.

Helvetia actively cooperates with other financial service providers, investors, universities and organisations to promote a more sustainable Swiss financial centre. We integrate ESG (environment, social and governance) factors into our investment processes to achieve this. The vast majority of our financial and real estate investments conform to sustainable investment criteria with an investment volume of approximately CHF 37 billion.

Financial assets

Our financial asset portfolio has a sustainability rating of «A» (AAA = best evaluation, CCC = worst evaluation). We determine this average value every six months based on sustainability information from MSCI. We also regularly evaluate the emissions that we finance with our investments. In 2017, Helvetia participated in the voluntary climate impact assessment by the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment.

Share of financial assets with ESG assessment (Helvetia Switzerland) in percent

AAA 9 %
AA 37.7 %
A 27.1 %
BBB 17.6 %
BB-CCC 8.6 %
Composition of the sustainability rating of our financial assets (source: MSCI ESG Research)
Rating Share Description:
AAA 9 % 9.0%
AA 37.7 % 37.7%
A 27.1 % 27.1%
BBB 17.6 % 17.6%
BB-CCC 8.6 % 8.6%

Real estate assets

As a real estate owner, Helvetia is also focusing on sustainability for its properties. We apply sustainability standards for new construction projects. For renovations, we ensure that insulation values are improved or resort to alternative energy sources.

Kurt Ernst Baumann
«Energy efficiency, noise protection and a pleasant indoor climate are important for tenants because they increase comfort. In the long run, apartments with these sorts of features are easier to rent.»
Kurt Ernst Baumann – Head of Real Estate Portfolio Management at Helvetia

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